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Southern Detailers Conference - Lexington Kentucky

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WOW what an amazing event and time we had at SDC 2022.

We showcased our company and brand at SDC, a lot feel we have done this before, but SDC 2022 was the first ever show we have done in the USA 

Due to Covid we have had stands made and stored in the USA that we have never seen some are still in different locations and we have still not seen them, but we were super pleased with our booth and how it looked.

Everyone was making great comments as its the first time people have seen our new designer boutique style re brand and it was overwhelming how many said it was awesome and even more commented on how sophisticated yet so simple our new look logo looked also.

Our logo has a rich family history for us as our youngest daughter invented the original, but we wanted to keep along the same theme but make it modern and the team that handled that side of things has done an amazing job. 

I had the opportunity to run education classes and that's the first time I've done anything like that before, so we asked for feedback so we can learn and improve and we will be doing even better things in 2023. It was a nerve racking moment for me as I was out of my comfort zone, but hey nobody ever grows being comfortable, so i embraced it and enjoyed it at the 

I was also given the opportunity to sit up on centre stage and speak to the world about leather, again something new to me and I'm pleased to say I got through and feel I did well.

So here are some pictures from SDC 2022