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Repair To Cigarette Burns in Leather

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Below we show you four picture of a repair to a Mercedes leather seat.

A step by step system is shown.


1/ The first steps is to prepare the leather around the damaged areas.


2/ Once this is repaired and cleaned fully put in place a backing fabric, this does not need to be glued in place as the heat cured filler will bond this on position.


3/ Next apply the base grain copier to the hole, making sure you don't get excess around the hole as this will show up.


4/ Place the graining pad over the filler and ten apply the teflon paper on it and gently heat for several minutes, you can lift one corner to see if the filler has cured, never remove fully until fully cured as this will cause a distorted grain pattern.


5/ Colour over and the jobs completed and you a happy client......



Backing Fabric In Place

Heat Cured Filler Applied and Grained 

Finished Job and Coloured over Again



Backing Fabric In Place


Filler Grained 

Repair Fully Repaired and Coloured Over




The Full Job