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How many people offer interior detailing as an add on to your existing business?

Are you just providing an exterior coating service ?

Interior detailing can be a very profitable and vert rewarding business, a typical interior detail in the UK can earn you around £300 plus the coating of £175, in the USA the same service can get you $500, plus $275 for the coating. This all depends on the level of coating your applying.

Carrying out interior detailing is a great service and one you can easily bolt on to your existing business and earn big bucks from, if you just did one interior per day that's an additional £2,375 per week working a five day week !!! or $3,875!!! can you afford to chuck away that type of income ? 

Interior detailing is a true skill set dealing with all types of different surfaces and materials, its getting into those tiny areas, its all about the details, this is where the true term detailing comes into its element and has true meaning as youa re doing a lot of detail work on the inside of a car.

If you start doing interior detailing on bigger items like an RV then you can ramp up your profit margins and turnover.

If you want to talk to us about how you can earn even more money by adding interior detailing to your business then talk to us today, you can find out more about our interior detailing course by visiting this link. All About Interior Detailing