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Denim Dye Removal

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Jean dye from denims can be a huge problem, and when this cant be removed, this all boils down to one problem, NO PROTECTION APPLIED.

So many misleading statements on social media where people think they know leather when in fact they are just misleading the public when they tell people not to put protection cream onto a seat as its got a clear coat lacquer applied, yet why would you bother protecting the paintwork on your car as its also got a lacquer applied, so makes no sense what so ever.

The facts are applying protection to your leather which we may add is far more delicate than your paintwork outside is the best policy to adopt as leather can fade due to uv rays, just general wear and tear jeans are a rough material and can cause the clear coat lacquer to be removed as its only between 5um and 20um maximum a sheet of 80grm paper is 100um, so as you can imagine the coating of the leather surface is vert delicate indeed and requires a great deal of care to keep it looking great.

Removal of the denim dye here was carried out using LRC1 leather cleaner, along with LRC19 ink and stain remover, we started off using LRC1 using a medium bristle brush so it agitate the surface, we sprayed the LRC1 directly onto the leather left it to dwell for a few minutes, then agitated with the brush, wiped away, then repeated this process, in between we were using LRC19 to help shift some of the deeper stains, this involves a level of skill to know what your looking for as its a touch game, continually touching the surface to feel what its like when using LRC19, if the surface begins to feel sticky this means the clear coat is starting to break down and this has to be dried, so using a hairdryer we dry the surface so the sticky feeling has gone, then start over with LRC1, then LRC19 and then the hairdryer, continuing this process until the results are achieved, the denim dye has been removed that the jeans had caused. 

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