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Caravan detailing in Pocklington East Yorkshire

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Another amazing Google review of our 5* detailing and restoration services for caravans & motorhomes.
Just Amazing. Thank you very much Richard & Kathryn. I dropped my 2007 Lunar Lexon twin axle off for the following works. Detailing, Machine Polishing & Diamondbrite coating. You had my caravan for 3 days, when I picked it up it was like a new caravan. I am not joking, its just unbelievable what a different its just amazing. Today I have been putting new decals on it, whilst I was doing that two neighbours stopped and asked me if I had changed my caravan that's how good it looks. Very professional, daily updates with photos. Would recommend Why Queue Vehicle Valeting Services to anybody.
If you are looking to have your motorhome or caravan surfaces detailed and re-protected please give our office a call on 07552 371790 or please visit our comprehensive website.
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