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[Closed] The Rules

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The forum rules are very simple


Our Golden Rule Is “Every Day Is A School Day” and  “Think Before You Print”

Just remember this site is crawled daily by search engines, so once you post something it’s there for life for good and bad, so please keep this forum fresh, honest and a place people can enjoy and learn from without being made to look stupid.

This forum has been designed for everyone from beginners to oldies, so please all have respect for each other, everyone began as a beginner, remember that!!!

Detailers Forum, is just a group of people who have set up this forum to offer the public a safe place to ask questions and post work without being bullied or humiliated and made to look or feel daft.

By becoming a member of the Detailers Forum, you are agreeing to the rules of this forum, you must be over 14 years of age.

We will not tolerate bully, foul language, swearing, or anyone with an attitude - we will be very strict about this we will not tolerate anything at all.

If you break the rules, you will be suspended for a period or banned for life.

When you join the Detailers Forum you will be agreeing to introduce yourself in the newbie section before posting in the main areas.



  1. Do not join with a business name, if DF feel your username is a business name this will be rejected or changed to something more suitable.
  2. All members must be of the age of 14 or higher, below this will not be allowed to join this forum.
  3. All admins and moderators will endeavour to keep this forum clean and friendly, but something may slip through our hands, we will not be legally responsible for any comments made by the forum members whatsoever.
  4. Please ensure you use your judgement to use the correct forums for posting, we will try our best to monitor this and move things to other forums as and when we can.
  5. Any behaviour to deemed to be unacceptable, be that via email from this forum, DM or post replies, you will be removed and banned and at once. we will not tolerate swearing, slang swearing, offensive behaviour, bullying, threats and so on, these are all instant bans.
  6. This group is for everyone to use and feel welcome at all times, so please ensure your posts are relevant to the topic you’re posting in or relevant to detailing, posts which are not relevant at all will be removed, if this becomes frequent, then you will have a stint in jail.
  7. The forum is a guide only and is in no way legally binding or factually correct, always check with manufacturers of items before use or seek legal advice before starting a business. DF is not legally responsible for you wishing to start a business and it not working after reading posts on this forum.
  8. Any form of sensitive material posted up will be removed without notice, anyone posting any form of porn will be banned at once for life.
  9. Any forum or competition you wish to hold, like a raffle style system where a ticker is purchased will only be allowed under special circumstances, BUT you must gain prior approval before posting up.
  10. Reviews may be posted by those who carry these out, but DF is not responsible for any reviews posted on topics.
  11. The Detailers Forum are not responsible for any external website you visit by clicking links from DF, its your responsibility to ensure these sites are safe, DF will not be held responsible for any malicious attacks on your pc by visiting external link.
  12. Site admins and moderators reserve the right to remove any post it sees fit for any reason, you will not be notified of this, the only time you will be if it’s a spell in DF jail or a lifetime ban.  


  1. Detailers Forum, The Owners, Moderators, Admins or Volunteers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any picture, comment, post or thread, be that resulting in legal action or not.
  2. DF, the admins, volunteers, moderators or owners accept no responsibility for any form of bullying, slanderous, and or defamatory comments posted on DF.
  3. Under no circumstances will this forum accept any form of name and shamming posts, this is a friendly forum, and we will not tolerate such stupid behaviour – Keep This Forum Clean!!
  4. The DF Team are not responsible for anyone purchasing anything whatsoever from any member.
  5. The DF Team are not responsible for someone NOT being paid for services provided or goods purchased in the event its faulty. This should be brought to the DF Teams attention at once so this can be addressed to avoid this happening in the future.
  6. The DF Team are not responsible for any post or thread comment by any member, that could be wrong or misleading in any way shape or form.
  7. The DF Team accept no responsibility for any post that could be deemed as deformation, slanderous or libellous, these will be removed once the DF Team notice them, or it’s been brought to the attention of the DF Team
  8. Detailers Forum, admins, moderators and the volunteers accept no responsibility of transactions conducted with any sponsor on this forum or off this forum, sponsors can be paid for adverts, or forum sponsors.



  1. We do not allow advertising of products for sale on the forum.
  2. Please be wary of self-promotion by constantly posting links to your website, the odd occasion is acceptable, but not constantly.
  3. Please do not place links to selling platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Freecycle, Shpock and similar selling sites.
  4. Anything that is a blatant attempt to sell or advertise something will be removed, you could get a stint in jail for this or a lifetime sentence.
  5. DO NOT post anything sexual related this is an instant lifetime ban.
  6. 6 DO NOT post links to dating sites, this is an instant lifetime ban.


Banner Adverts:

  1. We sell banner adverts on the site in various locations, to find out about advertising your company please email



These rules and legal stuff change regularly so please be sure to read then often to ensure you know the rules and understand them, by joining DF a a member you have fully accepted these rules and have agreed NOT to hold DF the Admins, Volunteers, Moderators or any team member responsible for anything in any way shape or form. E&OE